Fayetteville Students Learn Benefits Of Composting Foods

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Students in Northwest Arkansas are learning the importance of being green.

Students at Fayetteville High School are showing kiddos at Happy Hollow Elementary how to waste less food at home or at school. It’s all part of the City of Fayetteville’s Compost Pilot Program.

The elementary students are shown a different way to throw away their trash after eating lunch through specifically designed trash cans for recyclables and regular trash. This way the kids can learn what can and can’t be thrown away.

During this project, several of the high school students have realized that communities cannot continue to put so much waste into landfills.

“Working with the kids, we thought it was really important to help them understand the importance of composting,” said FHS Senior Aaryn Boudreaux. “Even if it’s just on a small scale at their school, it would really affect the City of Fayetteville.”

A field trip to the composting facility is in the works for the elementary students. The high school students hope that this event will raise awareness at other schools in the area.



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