Local Law Enforcement Combine Resources To Help Solve Crimes Faster

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) -- Some local law enforcement agencies are teaming up and combining resources in an effort to help each other solve larger crimes more quickly.

Lavaca, Greenwood and Barling Police Departments along with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office have come together to form the Metro Crime Scene Unit.

“When we have major crime scenes out in the county, homicide, major break ins, stuff like that, we can all get together, roll out the unit and have all the equipment we need instead of scrambling for equipment from each other’s departments,” said Sgt. Robert Crouch with the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office.

Crouch said the new unit will help them solve crimes faster.

“Let's say that I need a metal detector, and an officer from Lavaca has a metal detector, but he's on vacation,” Crouch said. “It's locked up in his unit, so either I have to have a deputy drive to Lavaca to where we're trying to fill this unit with everything that we need.”

Lavaca police officer Charles Toon said the unit will especially help the smaller towns that don't have the equipment to process major crime scenes.

“This unit comprised of several agencies allows all of us to join together on a major crime scene to give us the man power and the resources we need,” Toon said.

Toon said it will even help them save money by cutting down time spent on each case.

“It lightens up the finance and expenses in investigating one of these crimes,” Toon said.

Crouch said above all it will help those affected by the crimes.

“It will really benefit the victims of these major crimes that we're not having to scramble for stuff when it comes time that we need it,” Crouch said.

The Lavaca Police Department said they also want to use the unit as a tool to teach Lavaca High School students who are enrolled in the crime scene course.

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