Woman Says Dog Found In California Doesn’t Belong To Bentonville Family

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- An Arkansas woman who now lives in California claims the dog found in Ontario, California does not belong to the Bentonville family its microchip is registered to.

Dawn Comstock said Thursday (Jan. 21) the three-year-old Siberian husky belongs to her after she bought it from the Bentonville family in October 2014 before she moved to California. She said she had been looking for Liam since Jan. 13 when he ran out the door and was shocked to see his photo in a story on one of KTLA's newscasts.

According to the story on KTLA, after the Inland Valley Humane Society scanned Liam's microchip the husky came back as belonging to Billy Payne of Bentonville. The story includes a video sent to them by Payne as he tells his two daughter they will be getting Liam back.

california dog

Photo of Dawn Comstock and Liam from her Facebook page.

Comstock said she hasn't been able to change the information registered to the microchip because Payne told her he couldn't locate Liam's microchip paperwork. She said Payne and the two girls in the video were all there after she replied to Payne's Craigslist ad and met them in Rogers to get Liam in October 2014. She also said the photo of Liam and the two girls used in the KTLA story was a goodbye photo the girls took with the dog.

According to Comstock, she has the text messages she exchanged with Payne about the sale of the dog and the photos she sent him of Liam at his new home.

Later in the day on Thursday, on her Facebook page, Comstock posted the shelter allowed her to take Liam back home with her.

KTLA reported Payne told the Inland Valley Humane Society that the family didn't have $750 to fly the dog from California to Arkansas, so the shelter raised the money in order to reunited the husky with the family.

Payne didn't respond to a phone call from 5NEWS.

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  • vanguradesquire

    What a deceitful liar. To not only lie to the Humane Society and thereby causing lots of TRUTHFUL, and kind people to donate money, but to also lie to your daughters and to break their hearts is just sad and sick. You have some serious issues, sir.

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