“In God We Trust” Decals For LeFlore County Law Enforcement Vehicles

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) - A special addition is coming to law enforcement vehicles at the Leflore County Sheriff's Office.

"In God We Trust" is now proudly displayed on sixteen vehicles at the sheriff's office. The new decals display a star with the famous motto featured directly above.

Sheriff Rob Seale said this new decal has been in the works for quite some time and finally was approved and came through in January. This is after an unknown donor that lives in the Leflore County area donated the decals to the sheriff's office to display on their vehicles.

Each decal sits on the left hand side of the back windshield for all to see.

Sheriff Seale said that with everything going on throughout our country with law enforcement, the timing for the new and patriotic decals couldn't be better. "It makes them feel like a sense of pride in the job that we do," said Sheriff Rob Seale.

Sheriff Seale adds that the community has been nothing but positive about the new addition to the vehicles.

Many law enforcement agencies in our area have received the same decals for their vehicles.



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