Ozark Guidance Helps Students Prevent Bullying

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Ozark Guidance School Services has been working  with students to stop bullying and gang involvement.

The organization is showing students firsthand, by having them role play on how to end a bullying situation. Students at McNair Middle School participated in several activities to demonstrate how to put a stop to bullying.

The program is aimed toward younger students. About five students from each grade will put on a skit and present it to their classmates.

"Some kids are more theatrically motivated -- they are the ones who want to do the acting. Some like to make posters, some make cartoons or videos or work with cameras and stuff like that," said Liz Dere, community outreach specialist of Ozark Guidance. "It's definitely to push them in the direction that they already want to go in."

Some of the skits show examples of how students can stand up to a person who is picking on another student. The skits are meant to spread awareness of how not to bully and to help students encourage their peers to show good behavior.