‘I Don’t Think I Would Be At School Right Now Without It’: Youth Lottery Scholarship Makes A Difference

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Education in Arkansas continues to be strengthened by one unique scholarship program.

Over the years, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women achieve their higher education goals.

Teyah Green is one of the scholarships’ recipients. Green is a senior and early childhood education major at the University of the Ozarks.

She discovered her passion for teaching in 2012 when she went on a mission trip to Nicaragua. On that trip, Teyah was responsible for teaching kids English.

Currently, she student teaches at Lamar Elementary School.

“I don't think I would be at school right now without it,” said Green. "I definitely wouldn't be at a school like U of O where they have awesome opportunities to come and student teach for a whole year."

Green said it’s critical to teach students subject matters correctly and that the students must also understand the material.

“It's a new generation, and you have to learn about them,” said Green. "You just have to be up to date on everything."

“She's not just an extra set of hands. She asks questions all the time. She's involved," said Patricia Smith, who has been an educator over the last 12 years. "She wants to know what she needs to do to become a better teacher."

Green works alongside Smith in her second grade classroom.

“I think she's going to be a wonderful teacher,” said Smith. "She already shows signs of wanting to help the kids, and be involved, and wants to know what she needs to do to reach that goal."

To learn more about the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, click here.

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