AG Rutledge Rejects Marijuana Proposal, Again Cites “Ambiguities”

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Another proposal to legalize marijuana has been rejected by the Arkansas attorney general.

According to an opinions summary, Leslie Rutledge has turned down a request from Mary Berry to certify marijuana, stating there are “ambiguities in the proposal’s text.”

Rutledge has rejected Berry’s propositions numerous times, giving the same reason behind her opinion.

Berry’s proposal, titled “The Arkansas Cannabis Amendment,”¬†would allow the cultivation, production, sale, possession and use of the cannabis plant (genus Cannabis) and all products produced from the cannabis plant within the entire geographic area of every county in Arkansas, according to records.

Rutledge outlines 10 specific textual ambiguities, and states that there may be more in the proposal.

For the complete summary of Rutledge’s opinion and for the proposal, click here.


  • lurker48

    Then just throw away all those tax dollars. Everybody who wants to smoke marijuana is smoking marijuana. And without paying any tax dollars.

  • Jeff Stevens

    I’m not close to this, but as other states allow Marijuana in one way or another, then I wonder if the people submitting the formal request are trying to reinvent the wheel or using the language other states have successfully lobbied.

    • Niki Hooten

      They have based it off of what other states have done. Before: Some things were fine, some things were too ambiguous. They fixed the things the AG sited as ambiguous. They resubmitted it. Now the AG says the things that were fine before are too ambiguous. I believe this is the seventh time the attorney general has rejected putting this on a ballot. Medical finally got a vote, on the fifth try. The AG denied it 4 previous times. The Arkansas Attorney General office does not want to let the people vote on this. More in depth reporting on

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