Committee Launches Campaign To Legalize Alcohol Sales In Crawford County

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) -- An effort petitioning to legalize alcohol sales in Crawford County has officially launched its campaign.

The committee "Keep Dollars in Crawford County" stated that giving county residents the choice of purchasing beer, wine and spirits would be an economical boost, according to a release.

“This effort is about choice and convenience for our residents and dollars for our community,” Kevin Holmes, spokesperson and secretary of Keep Dollars in Crawford County, said in the release.  “Right now, a lot of our folks drive out of the county to buy an alcoholic beverage.  As a dry county, we lose revenue to neighboring communities every year, and that’s money we could put toward important programs and services for our citizens.”

The release stated that the last year in which such a measure was placed on ballot in Crawford County was 1942.

According to the release, Arkansas state law requires collection of valid signatures from 38 percent of the county’s registered voters.  Keep Dollars in Crawford County has started gathering the nearly 12,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the ballot, and the committee has until early July to turn signatures in to the county clerk for verification.