‘Pro-Rape’ Blogger Organizes Meetings For Men Across U.S.

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A blogger who believes rape should be legalized has launched an “International Meetup Day” where supporters will gather in various locations throughout the world.

Daryush Valizadeh is known for his controversial books that advise men on the best methods to have sex with women and advocates that rape be made legal inside a private home.

Valizadeh, better known as Roosh V, runs the website Return of Kings that will host 165 events in 43 countries, including one in Little Rock.

Hosts have been asked to wait at meeting points all around the world Saturday at 8 p.m. for men who are interested in attending. The men are instructed to ask the question, “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” Members who are part of the group will then respond, “Yes it’s right here.”

A feminist group plans to protest planned events in Chicago.

Police in Des Moines posted a safety alert on Facebook urging women to stay away from the event and believe this may be potential to lure women to these various locations. They say "there is concern that this may be a ruse to commit rape."


  • Beverly Vaughn McConnell

    Yeah..a few women need to get in there and start shooting…but NOT with a camera!!! What’s coming to the United States is barbaric and it’s up to us women to stop it in its tracks…because those “men” (and I use the term VERY loosely) think it’s alright to rape women and little kids…just needs to be shot down…because if they aren’t…it will continue. The only way to stop it…is for these type of men to fear for their very lives if they engage in this sort of crap.

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