Springdale Aquatics Center Needs Money For Slides

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Springdale is trying to come up with the money to renovate some old slides inside their aquatic center.

Bill Mock, who's the director of the city's parks and recreation program, said city officials met on Monday (Feb. 1) to discuss repairing the slides for an estimated $40,000. If the repairs were to take place, the colors of all the slides would still stay red and blue as they are now.

However, if they wanted to waive bidding for the slides, that would cost about $70,000, and the plumbing work could start as early as this month.

City leaders said they hope that if this renovation is approved, the slides would be ready by late May, when the center opens for the season.

The officials at  Monday's meeting said they wanted more information on the warranties for the plumbing.