Fans And Businesses Prepare For Super Bowl

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(KFSM)--The Panthers and the Broncos have been preparing for the Super Bowl for weeks, but fans are gearing up as well.

Papas Pizza in Fort Smith was not only voted the best pizza in town but also the best place to watch a game, and they're expecting a big crowd for the Super Bowl. They've been preparing all week for hungry fans.

“We're going to have catering by Eli French, and then we're going to do our typical pizzas, and I think it's going to have like five or six different kinds of wings out on the buffet, so it's going to be a whole lot of food,” Melissa Vann, a manager at Papa’s, said.

Vann said they're going all out for their Super Bowl party because the nice weather means big crowds.

“We always have a good crowd for football,” Vann said. “Every Super Bowl is hit or miss. Last year we had bad weather, but it's always a pretty good turnout.”

But, they're not the only restaurant hosting a watch party.

“Tomorrow is just a big day all around, a lot of wings to go,” Jeff Hodges, the owner of Foghorns in Fayetteville, said. “We're going to have a lot of big parties inside, we're going to have the Miller Coors girls here from 6 to 8, and we should just have a really great day.”

Hodges said they're not worried about running out of food tomorrow.

“We've got over 4,000 pounds of fresh chicken on hand between the three locations,” Hodges said.

Grocery stores have also stocked up for the people hosting watch parties at home.

“We've got a lot of wings ordered, chips, anything that's snack and super bowl ready, TVs, we've ordered stocked up on those, game gear,” Candance Jones, an assistant manager at Walmart in Fayetteville said. “Walmart really ordered up on the shirts and logos for your team that you're rooting for.”

Jones said this is a busy weekend for all of the Walmart stores.

“The amount of chips that Walmart sells for the company as a whole to get ready for the big game is equivalent to 440 Walmart 18-wheelers full to capacity level,” Jones said.

Chips aren't their only popular game-day item.

“We sell enough to wings to equal five fully filled 747 jets,” Jones said.

The game is Sunday (Feb. 7) at 5:30.

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