Lawsuit Filed To Remove Presidential Candidates Cruz, Rubio From Arkansas Ballot

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — An independent presidential candidate has filed a civil action lawsuit, demanding that two senators be taken off the ballot in Arkansas.

David Librace declared that Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are not constitutionally eligible to be elected president and/or vice president of the U.S.

The lawsuit was filed to Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin, stating that the two senators’ are ineligible because their births don’t qualify them as “naturally-born citizens.”

It also stated that Rubio was born in Miami, Fla. to parents who were non-American and on VISAs. It also stated that Cruz was born in Canada.

The document was filed on January 28, 2015 and filed Wednesday (Feb. 3).

Marco Rubio


  • Zenda Adams

    Obama is not black…….I’m still unsure he was born an American…………he is 1/2 white and a few other nationality……..he is the biggest bias person I know by claiming to be that……we need to do a DNA test on him and just see what all pops up……………

  • cecilfrank

    Marco Rubio was born here to non-American parents which makes him a citizen. Ted Cruz was born in Canada and is not eligible. I’m surprised he was even allowed to run. I think he’s a “say anything” type of guy to get as many votes as he can.

    • Brainwashed Sheeple

      Wow, you are a complete idiot. The law is very clear in this area. Cruz was born to an American mother, and therefore has always been considered Naturally Born. He can indeed run for president. Ted Cruz has been the Top Litigator in the country in front of the Supreme Court for over a decade. I’m pretty sure he knows the law concerning this. Wow, do some research dude.

  • Tommy Hoffmann

    I can’t believe this is still an issue. Rubio is probably eligible based upon the rulings in “Minor” and “Eng”. Cruz is clearly NOT eligible. I believe he knows that which is why he refuses to seek a declaratory judgment.

    The problem is, most people don’t know the difference between “citizen” and “natural born citizen” in Article II.

      • Marilyn Zeman

        If Cruz should win but not be eligible, I would think that it should go to the Vice President running with him. It would not go back to the Democrats, as they lost. Or possible the Speaker of the House would be President. What a mess. This all should have been litigated before either of them got in the race. Cruz was, I believe, the only Senator we had that had dual citizenship since he did not renounce his Canadian citizenship till May 2014.

    • Kim Thomas

      Sir, an American is either a Natural born citizen OR a Naturalized citizen. There is no other classification. Senator Cruz did not have to go through the Naturalization process, ergo he is a Natural born citizen. Period.

    • Marie Shook

      If I recall right..constitution states at least 1 parent must be US CITIZEN Neither of Rubios parents were citizens.His father didn`t apply for citizenship until he was he was 4yrs old.He stated they FLED Cuba to get away from Castros regime.Castro didnt come into power until 5yrs after they fled!HE IS A LIAR!!

  • Brainwashed Sheeple

    This has Trump written all over it. He is the ONLY one who has been crying that Ted Cruz cannot run for president, even though the law is very clear in this area. He also talked about Cruz being sued if he did try and run. Ted Cruz’s mother was born in America, and therefore Cruz was considered “Naturally Born” here in the US. That is a fact. Trump is evil and should be disqualified. He cries about wanting a fair race, but yet he pulls something like this because he cannot run a fair race.

  • Brainwashed Sheeple

    This will never fly. Not only does this lawsuit violate the law, but if they did try to bring the Birther Theories into play, then every illegal in this nation will be under heavy fire. Especially those being brought in to vote for the democrats. Their votes would be null and void.

  • Marie Shook

    FINALLY..SOMEONE BROUGHT UP RUBIO!!!Neither of his parents were US citizens.His father didn`t apply for citizenship until he was 4yrs old.He also said his parents fled Cuba to avoid castros regime.NOT TRUE! They left Cuba 5yrs before Castro came into power! I cant BELIEVE THIS HAS NOT BEEN QUESTION BEFORE

  • Mary Mefferd

    Marco Rubio was an “anchor baby” born to two ‘refugees.’ Ted Cruz had an American mother. I agree that Rubio is ineligible. But if they say Cruz is ineligible, they better declare Obama ineligible at the same time. No matter where he was born, his father was NOT an American.

    • Mary Mefferd

      I do understand that one of the interpretations of “Natural Born Citizen” is that BOTH parents must be US citizens. I am okay with that, as long as it goes across the board to current POTUS. If Cruz doesn’t qualify, neither does he. And he better be dealt with as a fraudulent traitor usurper and reverse every bill/law he signed! (I wonder if Trump knows the implications of what he is saying…?)

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