Police: Muldrow Teens Steal Vehicle From School

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MULDROW (KFSM) -- Two teenagers were caught on tape stealing a vehicle from Muldrow High School.

The unmarked, white Suburban sat in the bus barn near the school, and Saturday (Feb. 6) the juveniles drove away with the car around 10 p.m.

“We come in Monday morning, and the suburban was supposed to be on a trip, and we discovered about 10 o’clock or so that that trip was not taken, and the suburban was missing,” Ron Flanagan, the superintendent of Muldrow Public Schools, said.

Flanagan said they immediately called Muldrow Police.

“One the Muldrow campus police officers had called in and stated that he thought he was behind a stolen vehicle,” George Lawson, the Muldrow chief of police, said.

Officers arrived to pull the driver over, and they discovered he was a 14-year-old Muldrow student.

“They found out that it was the stolen vehicle, but that the driver had changed the tag on it,” Lawson said. “I guess to avoid detection.”

Lawson said this wasn’t the first time the boy had done this.

“His statement was that the school had actually had another vehicle stolen earlier, and he basically admitted in this arrest that he had actually stolen that vehicle as well,” Lawson said.

Lawson said he checked on availability in the juvenile detention centers in Oklahoma, but there wasn’t an open bed.

“So basically what we did, is he was given an appearance date to where that the guardian that came and picked him up, which was his grandfather, knows when he’s supposed to report,” Lawson said.

But, according to Lawson, the boy could still go to a detention center.

“It’s a vehicle theft, and depending on the value of the vehicle, you know, it’s a felony, so it could carry jail time,” Lawson said.

The driver was back at school Tuesday (Feb. 9), but the school was not able to tell us if they were taking any disciplinary action. They did tell us that they’re working on ways to increase security.

“I don’t think we can ever cover every scenario, but we’ll try to make it as secure as we can,” Flanagan said.

The theft is still under investigation and the other juvenile shown on the surveillance tape is a student in another town. There’s no information at this time on whether he will be charged.