Fayetteville Police Make Arrests After More Than 100 Vehicle Break-Ins

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(FAYETTEVILLE) – The Fayetteville Police Department arrested two people Friday, (February 12) believed to be responsible for a series of thefts from area vehicles.

The department said, over the past three months, Fayetteville Police received over 150 breaking or entering and theft of property reports. Some of the vehicles were unlocked but many others had a window broken.

On January 16, police said a vehicle was entered and debit cards were stolen. One of the debit cards was later used at a restaurant in Fayetteville and again at a restaurant in Farmington. According to police, video surveillance footage was reviewed and a description of the suspects and their vehicle was obtained.

On February 12,  investigators located Daniel Felix Ibanez and Bradley Sears, both from Fayetteville, and found that they were in possession of a backpack containing a prescription bottle and three loaded handguns that were stolen, police said.

According to police, oth suspects were interviewed by investigators  and admitted to committing at least 100 incidents of breaking or entering over the past four months.

Investigators learned that stolen property was being stored in two vehicles and in the apartment of one of the suspects. Investigators recovered over $7,500 of stolen property including electronics, gift cards, clothing, and more handguns, police said.
Daniel Felix Ibanez and Bradley Sears were both arrested for breaking or entering and theft of property.

The investigation is continuing and investigators are working to notify victims of their recovered property.