Six Decades Worth Of Sweetness For One Fort Smith Couple

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- On Valentine’s Day, people say “I love you” through different gestures, whether it be buying flowers or taking someone out for a romantic dinner, but one Fort Smith man shows his wife that he loves her in a unique way.

In 1955, Bud Cooksey bought his fiance at the time, Joyce, a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

After they were married in April of that year, the heart-shaped, cardboard box managed to stay in their possession.

When Valentine’s Day rolled around the very next year, Bud had the idea to take the heart-shaped box out of the closet he kept it in, and fill it with Joyce’s favorite chocolate assortment.

A gift Bud said went over well with his wife.

“She was impressed with that, so I guess I started a tradition,” he said.

Now, each year, for the last 60 years, Bud will refill the box of chocolates with help from Kopper Kettle Candies.

He says he’s been getting help from the family-owned business for the last 25 years.

“Every year he brings it in early so he's assured that he gets her what she likes,” said Kopper Kettle Candies Owner Berry Ann Greer.

Despite its slight imperfections, the heart-shaped box looks no worse for wear over the years.

Perhaps, it’s a symbol of the couples unwavering love.

“She likes chocolate like most all classy people do, so, but she's a dear, very dear lady, and I love her as much, if not more today than when I first,” said Bud.

Bud says the key to a long-lasting and happy marriage is to never lose the love that brought you together.