Benton County Turnout Doubles On First Day Of Early Voting

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – If early voting numbers are a sign, the 2016 election season should see high voter turnout in Benton County.

More than 1,000 residents cast their ballots on the first day of early voting in Benton County.

In 2015, only 400 residents voted in the same time frame.

Many voters, as well as polling officials, said the high numbers most likely are connected with the presidential election.

“We are on a new presidential year, which also bring out more voters anyway,” said Dana Caler, Election Administrator for Benton County.

“I want to get in on that presidential race,” said Marjorie Smith, a voter from Benton County. “I think everyone out there should get in on it. This one is very important.”

Caler said the process of early voting also helped make things easier for everyone involved. Also, the convenience of being able to vote at any polling location is an aid to voters.

“We try and be more convenient to the voters. They have several options, instead of just one poll site on election day,” Caler said. “All the ballot styles will be at each location.”

Smith agreed, adding the convenience was a great selling point to early vote.

“I like to early vote, because I do not feel like I am being rushed,” Smith said. “I am just really excited for this election. I think it is going to be a good one.”