Attorney General Rutledge Certifies Popular Name, Title Of Medical Marijuana Legalization Proposal

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has certified the popular name and title of a proposal to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

According to the ballot title, the request submitted by attorney David A. Couch  would be an amendment to make “the medical use of marijuana legal under Arkansas State law, but acknowledging that marijuana use, possession, and distribution for any purpose remain illegal under federal law.”

The certified popular name is “The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016.”

Rutledge stated that her decision to certify a name and title is not a reflection of her personal views of a particular proposal.

Supporters must secure nearly 85,000 signatures for the proposal to make the November ballot, according to the secretary of state’s election handbook.


  • objectivefodder

    Excellent! I’m all for Medical Herb. People with certain illnesses and ailments need help beyond pharmaceutical meds. Care and compassion first before outdated laws. If you have AIDS (HIV), Alzheimer’s Disease, Athritis, Asthma / Breathing Disorders, Cancer / Nausea, Crohn’s / Gastrointestinal Disorders, Epilepsy / Seizures, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis / Muscle Spasms, Pain / Analgesia, Psychological Conditions, Tourette Syndrome, Terminally ill citizenry need this bill. Pain and suffering are troubling enough. Let’s ease the pain.

  • joe smith (@charlemacintosh)

    Don’t let this Republican fool you, she may have approved the title, but she will never approve the proposal for a vote. Republicans are the masters of smoke and mirrors as the current rats in the Republican primary have shown over and over.

    • lurker48

      But… but, she looks so honest in her “glamor shot” that she gave the press to use over and over and over….. ha

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