Voters Debate Wet Vs. Dry Status In Crawford County

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) --  A group called 'Keep Dollars In Crawford County' is trying to gather more than 12,000 signatures by July.

If it accomplishes the goal, voters will see the outcome on their ballot. The group is hoping voters will change Crawford County from a dry county that currently does not sell alcohol, to a wet county where alcohol sales would be allowed.

"Every day there is two shifts, a morning shift and an afternoon shift going out to the Wal Mart, to the court house, to other areas in Crawford county that are meeting voters and asking for their support," said the group's spokesperson Kevin Holmes.

Another group recently filed their name as 'Stay Dry, Stay Safe' with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. The group has put up signs around Crawford County asking voters not to sign the circulating petition.

"It's a community where people stay safe and they feel that community values are important. They don't want to deal with the increased risks of having alcohol available," said spokesperson for the group Bryant Adams.

The sign reads ' Remember, if you sign the petition, your name is in the public record.'

Spokesperson for the group Bryant Adams explained the meaning behind the sign.

"When those petitions are turned in everybody in your community is going to see that you signed that. Some people like their privacy protected," he said.

Kevin Holmes the spokesperson for the group 'Keep Dollars in Crawford County' said he believes the wording is a tactic.

"I don't understand the scare tactics used to keep people from signing that .The people we're asking to sign, you're name is already public record because you're a registered voter," Holmes said.

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