Foods Driving Up The Cost Of Your Grocery Bill

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released an article, Food For Thought: Consumer Food Prices, 2005 to 2015, listing certain foods that have risen dramatically in price.

Eggs, milk, beef and breakfast cereal are in the top for food prices that have taken a steep jump from 2005 to 2015.

The price of eggs has risen by 110 percent. According to research in 2015, an outbreak of Avian Flu was to blame for the high prices. Farmers had to dispose of chickens who were at risk of the flu, driving the cost of eggs to its peak.

Beef was on the top of the list as well across the country.

Sebastian County extension agent Lance Kirkpatrick said the weather is likely related to the rise in beef price in Arkansas. Rainfall totals in 2015 hit Arkansas hard.

"What you have is diminished hay quality. You have a lot of it out there but not a good quality. Everybody is having to feed extra to keep cattle in good shape," he said.

When farmers spend more to feed cattle, that price is passed on to the consumer.

Greenwood resident Velma Looney said she has noticed the recent price increase in the grocery store. She and her husband supplement other meat to combat the high beef prices.

"We deer hunt two months out of the year in Clarksville," she said. "That saves us money. It's better than buying all beef."

Margarine is also listed as a top food with a dramatic price increase. The rise in consumption is to blame for the increase.

Produce also makes the list. Kirkpatrick said there has been a higher interest in home gardens and farmers markets in the last few years. He said don't let the trying weather in the last few years deter you from making your own small garden at home.

"If you have tried a garden in the last year or two, don't give up because it has been a difficult situation," Kirkpatrick said.