Increased Security Coming To Springdale Administration Offices

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- There's an ongoing nationwide effort to make government buildings safer. That initiative is also coming to a city in Northwest Arkansas.

When you walk into the first floor of the administration offices of Springdale, you might notice something different from other buildings -- there's no receptionist on the first floor.

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse said a new set of double doors should help make the building more secure, as well as to alleviate any confusion caused by not having a receptionist when people first come walk in. The mayor said with the way the building is structured, there's just not a place to have a receptionist on the first floor.

He said when people enter the building, they should see signage telling them to walk up the steps to the second floor, where they'll see two glass doors and a glass window with a speaker.

There you someone at the window to help direct visitors where they need to go. Someone will have to open the doors for any visitors, which should keep people from roaming around the building.


The Mayor said given the world we live in, it's important to take precautions with security. He also said the decision to increase security at city hall is not related to any recent violence in the area.