Girl Scouts To Close Local Camp Site

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HUNTSVILLE (KFSM) – A local Girl Scouts camp is set to close before the end of the year, according to organization representatives.

Marie Gieringer, CFO for Girl Scouts of America of the USA, said the organization decided to close Camp Noark in October 2016.

"It was a very hard decision. We are not taking it lightly,” Gieringer said. “We know there are a lot of volunteers who are having a hard time accepting this.”

Camp Noark will continue to honor any reservations that were booked before October 1, 2016.

They also plan to hold a scheduled Girl Scouts camp during the summer.

Gieringer said the Girl Scouts promise to continue to provide excellent camp locations in other areas across Arkansas.

The future of Camp Noark, after the Girl Scouts close it, has yet to be determined.

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  • Dawn Day

    Girl Scouts is big business and the decision makers are not interested in the girls. They are running a business. Its a business just like any business non profit or not. They operate the same way its just a different tax structure. The girls and parents are used to sell the product, cookies. The money brought in by cookie sales funds the pay roll. Board members are volunteers that come and go. Most volunteer for the position for a notch in their belt of public duty for their resume and may have never been involved in Girl Scouts. Paid staff actually run the business and make the decisions. The quickest way to get their attention so that they keep ( and maintain and publicize) camp NOARK is to stop paying them. If this is focused on and people get behind it you can stop the closing of NOARK. Your voice will be heard. Organize. Call the news papers, TV stations, daily and get them involved. Make the publicity happen. Demand camp NOARK be removed from the list of closures and that cookie money be returned to the girls via use of Their camp.

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