Trump Visits Northwest Arkansas Prior To Super Tuesday

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump spent more than an hour speaking in Northwest Arkansas Saturday (Feb. 27) afternoon.

Many of those in attendance said they had not decided who to vote for in the upcoming primary.

"I’m not a huge Donald Trump supporter, but he could possibly be our president,” said Joanna Keck, a rally attendee. “So, I wanted to come out.”

During an interview following the speech, 5NEWS asked Trump about the importance of growing Northwest Arkansas companies like Tyson and Walmart.

“You're talking about jobs; you are talking about economic development,” Trump said. “They are great companies, and those are really companies that you want to keep and never want to lose.”

Trump recently came under fire for making promises without a plan for execution.

The billionaire business mogul said he is strategically withholding his plans from the public.

“You don't want to give up those ideas. We don't want to be talking about them,” Trump said. “They asked ‘how would you get rid of ISIS?’ I’m the one who said ‘knock out the oil’. But, I hate to say it, because I don't want people hearing all these different things. I want to catch them by surprise.”

When asked about Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson endorsing one of Trump’s biggest opponents, he brushed off the magnitude the Rubio campaign gave it.

"Well, [Hutchinson] made a mistake,” Trump said. “Rubio is, like I said, a total lightweight. So, I think it's a mistake. But, that's up to your governor.”

Trump told 5NEWS the large turnout for his rally was evidence of a projected win from his campaign in Arkansas.

When asked about a possible run in the November general election, Trump said Hillary Clinton abandoned Arkansas decades ago. He claimed that decision will ultimately surge him in the election.

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