Holloway To Face Pillaro In Benton County Sheriff Runoff Election, Pending Absentee Votes

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) — With all but the absentee votes counted, the Benton County Sheriff race came down to a runoff Tuesday (March 1).

Shawn Holloway got 49.46 percent of the votes, which means that the race will have to go into a runoff election unless the absentee ballots bump his numbers to a majority win.

Paul Pillaro came in second place with 21.1 percent of votes, earning 229 votes more than incumbent sheriff Kelley Cradduck. Cradduck got 20.52 percent of votes.

Currently Pillaro will be facing Holloway in the runoff election.

However, the absentee ballots could sway the results in one of three ways:

  1. Shawn Holloway wins the election
  2. Runoff election between Shawn Holloway and Paul Pillaro
  3. Runoff election between Shawn Holloway and Kelley Cradduck

With such a small margin between Pillaro and Cradduck, both are still in the running to go into the runoff election with Holloway if he doesn’t win a majority of votes.

The Benton County Election Commission said that final numbers could take seven to 10 days to get in.

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