Bella Vista Firefighters Train In Abandoned House

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM)-- The Bella Vista Fire Department purposely lit a house on fire Friday (March 4) as part of a training session.

The house was located on U.S. 71 across from Lake Bella Vista. Around 30 firefighters were able to do drills inside the house as it was burning.

"We used a small portable propane torch to light hay on fire inside there," Capt. Brandon Earley said. "And it's wet so we can get more of a smoke effect rather than a fire effect."

Earley said crews were opening and closing different doors and windows, trying to see how smoke travels. He said they only get a few practice houses a year to burn to the ground. He said the homeowner contacted them about giving up the structure.

"When we do get it, we try to make the most of it," Earley said, "But we do have continuing education throughout the year, so every day is a training day for us."

Pea Ridge and Benton County Fire Departments also assisted in the controlled burn.

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