Cave Springs Mayor Investigates Restoring Community Building

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CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- Folks in Cave Springs are not happy after finding out a community building may have to be torn down.

Locals are trying to save the building, but city council members are pushing to tear the building down as a public safety measure.

Mayor Travis Lee said there are major structural problems with the community building.

"The floors are about three and a half inches off from the center," Lee said. "There's mold on one side of the building, the wood that's holding the roof together is rotting away as well, and they've had four engineers, inspectors say it's not safe."

The building has been closed for a couple months now. It was constructed back in the 1930s and has served as a school gym, a courtroom and as a place for city council meetings.

"If we could just find something, some breath that we could put into this building and then maybe we could use the community to raise some money to help preserve it," Lee said.

The mayor said he is looking into getting a quote from a company about redoing the building at minimal cost.

"It's been a landmark in the community," said Cave Springs resident Robert Smittle. "The people in the community and the area around built the building."

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