Parents: Boy, 5, Was Paddled At School Without Permission

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DESOTO, Texas — Parents of a North Texas kindergarten student are considering legal action after they say their son was paddled by his teacher — without their permission, reports CBS DFW.

Ayanna Smith says her five-year-old son was accused of sticking his tongue out at the teacher last Monday. She insists he didn’t– rather it had been another student who accused her son, reports the station.

She claims her son was taken into a room, his hands were held down, and he was beaten with a wooden object, calling it an “assault.”

Smith says her son was excited to attend school. Now, she says her son is afraid of getting punished by the teacher again.

“He’s cries, saying ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go back…because I’m scared the teacher’s going to paddle me again,'” Smith told CBS DFW.

The DeSoto Independent School District is reportedly one of the few districts in Texas that still allows corporal punishment — providing that the parents give written and verbal consent.

However, when they were completing enrollment forms, the Smiths tell the station they not only checked “No,” but they also circled it and added asterisks.

“I’ve called,” says Smith, who wants the teacher fired. “I’ve done all I could with the district and what they said was nothing’s going to be done.”

The district’s superintendent has reportedly spoken publicly in support of corporal punishment.

Gabrielle Lemonier, assistant superintendent of DeSoto Independent School District, tells NBC DFWshe was “no excuses for what occurred.” She says district policy requires the person administrating the punishment to verify that parents have given their consent, which she says wasn’t done.

However, she says the district felt that new training on the protocol was the best way to ensure a similar incident doesn’t happen again, rather than firing the teacher involved. She tells the station the district hasn’t received any complaints on the policy before.

“If issues come to the forefront, where we feel like this procedure needs to be reevaluated, than more than likely that is what will occur,” Lemonier tells NBC DFW. “It’s a tool. It is a last resort. In many instances, it’s a last resort.”

Meanwhile, the family is consulting an attorney and in the meantime are home schooling the child.


  • mrmakeitworse

    The parents make the kids. Now the kid will have no respect for teachers and push it to the limit. I have no respect for those type of parents. Tell the 5 year old to be good in school and it won’t happen again.

    • delagar

      Any teacher that finds it necessary to beat a five year old in order to command respect is a teacher that does not deserve respect. I’m appalled by this school district, frankly, and very glad my child is not in it.

  • Carol Smittle

    This teacher would be in the hospital if it was my child. NO one other than my husband and myself had any business spanking one of my children at that age. We moved to Arkansas and was told that the school believed in corporal punishment. I made sure they knew that if it came to spanking one of mine, they had better call me or they would face a judge. There is no excuse for anyone other than the parents to discipline a child like this.

  • Pam Fields Richeson

    I would meet up with the person that did this to my little child and they would know what abuse is. It causes children a lot of problems. Yet the parent can’t even say NO to them and a teacher can abuse them. It makes me sick.

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