Attempted Child Abductions Reported In Alma, Van Buren

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ALMA (KFSM) -- An Alma woman is warning parents about a kidnapping attempt in the area on Monday (March 7).

Sarah Bowlin said in a Facebook post that a man tried to kidnap a neighbor's child.

Alma Police Chief Russell White confirmed there was a reported abduction attempt.

He said the department is investigating after a five-year-old child reported that a man had talked to him after he and his mother got home from the grocery store. He was outside his home, near Garrison Loop and Rudy Road, which is near the fire station.

Chief White said a similar report was also made in Van Buren on Wednesday. However, police are still determining whether the two cases are connected.

Both cases are still under investigation.



  • Ruby McFarland

    A man spoke to a boy and it’s automatically an attempted abduction? Wow – either it’s a slow day at the police department, or my 4th grader writes better reports than your so-called reporter. What a lousy piece of work considering the subject matter is so sensitive.

  • Dennis Haas

    Oh no!! Someone talked to a 5 year old, must have been an attempted abduction. More scary headlines to get attention, clicks, views, shares, whatever. This is fear mongering plain and simple.

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