Adventure Arkansas: E-Bikes

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We've done several biking adventures all across Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. Now it's time to take on trend that has grown exponentially over the past decade in Europe.

Sean Bailey took on a more futuristic biking trend that's popping up around our area by test riding an E-Bike on this week's Adventure Arkansas.

A new type of two-wheeler is replacing Michael Nixon's truck and traditional bicycle.

"I've spent $12 in my truck this year, and I drive a 96 Dodge Ram V8," said bike commuter Michael Nixon. "This is my everyday -- what I go to the store in, this is what I go to work in, this is what I visit my wife downtown at, this is how I get around town."

An avid biker who cycles to work, Nixon decided to test out a new trend in bicycles, the battery-assisted EBike.

"I work about 5.6 miles from my home, and this takes 9 minutes off in just that short time," Nixon said.

Jeff Jones, owner of Scott's Bike Shop in Fort Smith, says riding the EBike is one of a kind.


"If you've ever ridden a bicycle, getting on this is a completely new experience, it's unlike anything you've ever been on before," said Jones. "I can't adequately explain that other than just to say ride one."

"It's like whenever you get off a treadmill for the first time with the wobbly feeling," Nixon said. "It took me about 10 miles to get used to it."

While the bike can help you tackle hills with much less effort, both men say it can help with exercise.

"You can rely very heavily on the battery or not so much," Jones said. "So while you're trying to gain a certain level of fitness, you know, let the battery help. That way you can get out there and exercise and you can get outdoors, and that would apply to literally anyone."

"It gives you the ability to get out there; I mean I'm 270, and I can still get out there and ride," Nixon said. "But also, if I want,  I can keep up with the cyclist I might not be able to."

And this adventurous and alternative transportation can navigate not only the paved bike trails, but also the thrill of the open road.

"I will out accelerate a car to 20 miles per hour on this," Jones said. "So it's kinda interesting to watch their faces."

If you're looking for a place to ride, you can see some of the road trails we've featured, including the Razorback Greenway, on the interactive Adventure Arkansas map.

That wraps up this week's battery-powered Adventure Arkansas.


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