Adoption Event Held For Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)Saturday (March 19) was a happy ending for some of the dogs rescued from a puppy mill found in Madison County.

Eleven of the 295 dogs that were rescued were up for adoption at Spay Arkansas in Springdale.

“We're sure that somewhere here in Northwest Arkansas the perfect family is for these dogs,” Romaine Kobilsek, the director of Spay Arkansas, said.

Kobilsek said none of the dogs would go home that day because they want to make sure they're all going to the right homes.

“We know that everybody has a good heart, but these dogs in some cases will require some extra care for them to decompress and get used to what a happy life means,” Kobilsek said.

Kobilsek said some of the dogs are traumatized. One is even afraid to lay down, but after dozens of people came to the event and filled out adoption applications, Kobilsek said she believes every one of them will find the perfect owner like Rebecca Cunningham who has rescued dogs before.

“It's something everybody should do in their life just because it's right for them and what people have done to them, I think people should make up for,” Cunningham said.

Derek Wibert filled out an application and said he just wants to give a dog a safe home.

“We would love him and hold him, be very kind to him, and just be really nice to him,” Wibert said.

Kobilsek said this adoption process is tedious, but they want to make sure every dog is taken care for the rest of their lives.

“Probably do a private interview and then make a home visit to check to make sure that they have the right fencing, they have the right environment there, so that the animals continue on their path to wellness and good health,” Kobilsek said.

The dogs from the event will most likely have a new home in the next couple of weeks, and some of the other dogs rescued have already been adopted and others are being adopted every day from shelters and humane societies across the state.

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