Petition Calls For Removal of Fayetteville City Councilor

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – An online petition calling for the resignation of Fayetteville City Councilman John La Tour was started after an alleged incident at a Dickson Street restaurant Friday (March 18).

A post on Facebook claims La Tour singled out a woman at Arsaga’s at the Depot restaurant claiming he didn’t know if she was a man or woman.

gavis smith fb postThe post goes on saying La Tour stated he could prove he was a man by dropping his pants and showing his genitals.

La Tour posted on his Facebook page Saturday (March 19) and suggested people not patronize the restaurant and said he would no longer frequent any of Arsaga’s establishments.JOHN LA TOUR GRAB

The petition has garnered more than 2,100 signatures with a goal of 1,500.

5NEWS reached out to  Cary Arsaga, owner of Arsaga’s at the Depot, who declined to comment until he spoke with La Tour privately about the incident.

Calls and messages made to La Tour have not yet been returned.


      • countryrd1

        Obviously la tour has had his adultness threatened and resorted to childish behavior. He is not leadership material. He probably won’t resign but should not be a representative of this community. It is this crass incivility that shows up in previous post, political rallies and local sunday bullies that is unfortunately trending. Bring on the petition!

    • Todd Walters

      A local elected official making a scene in a local restaurant, and being asked to leave is a pretty big story. Also, calling people childish names (i.e. idiot, buffoons) is not very grown up. It really diminishes the credibility and impact of your comment.

      • nwajack0

        At this moment, could you point to any other source besides a 3rd party account on one person’s unconfirmed Facebook page? I can write a post & put up a petition but it’d be nice to have some confirmation before making a leap- might or might not be true.

  • Mike Emery

    Every month on the last Monday at 6pm in Room 111 of Fayetteville City Hall is the Ward 4 & Friends meeting, hosted by Alderman John La Tour and Alderman Alan Long. All Ward 4 residents are encouraged to attend but all Fayetteville residents are welcome to attend. This your opportunity to politely interact with your representatives. The next one is Monday, March 28th.

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