Door-To-Door Campaigning “Integral To Success”

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Monday (March 21) evening, those who live in southern Springdale will find out who their next state representative will be.

Isaac Foley faces Clint Penzo in a runoff election and both have been using old fashioned strategies, like door-to-door campaigning, in order to try and sway votes.

“It is my favorite part of running for office,” Foley said.

“I have knocked at hundreds of doors, maybe even thousands,” Penzo said.

Without a candidate from another party filing for the general election, the winner of the runoff will automatically win the bid for office.

Foley said it was important to win neighborhoods over in the race.

“Really, when it comes to a runoff, the importance of ground game is integral to success,” Foley said.

Foley, a 24-year-old native from Springdale, had never run for office before.

“I’m probably the youngest politician to ever knock on your door,” Foley said.

Foley used modern technology to track where he would campaign. Using his smart phone, an application helped him target key voters, while also tracking his past interactions.

“It gives me a few different options. If they support me, support my opponent, or if they are undecided,” Foley said.

While Foley used modern technology in his hand each step of the way, Penzo said he prefered to engage the old fashioned way.

“I like to work off of paper, that way I have a hard copy in front of me, instead of stored on an app,” Penzo said.

Penzo said paper allowed him to further engage with the constituents on policy.

“A lot of time I will ask what some of their concerns are for the state [while door knocking],” Penzo said. “I just ask them what is important to them, so that way I can tell them how I feel about that specific topic.”

Early voting ended for the runoff. Polls will be open Tuesday (March 22) for election day voting.

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