Community Needs Help Cleaning Up Littered Landmark

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POTEAU (KFSM) -- Cavanal Hill in Poteau, Oklahoma is almost 2,000 feet high. From the top you can see Oklahoma treasures like the Ouachita Mountains and Talimena Scenic Drive.

"It's right here in our backyard and home to the world's highest hill," said Poteau police chief Stephen Fruen.

Lately, the locals have noticed a lot of trash and graffiti on the hill. Fruen said people drinking on the hill will leave behind broken glass and even throw bottles at a landmark sign.

"They've made themselves a little signing board here on the back of it," he said.

Fruen said his crew, along with the Leflore County Sheriff's Department, are making extra trips up the hill to keep the problems at bay. They have scrubbed off a lot of graffiti already and are planning to hold a community cleanup on April 2 at 9 a.m. The clean up is open to anyone. They will also be clearing brush off the mountain in hopes of making the view better.

"Bring gloves, chainsaw, trash bags -- the help is all we really need," Fruen said.

The Poteau Chamber of Commerce plans to use the location while shooting a video to promote the plan in late April.