Exercise Could Slow Brain’s Aging Process

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A new study showed that exercise could slow down the brain's aging process.

Now, some seniors are also using the study's results to stay sharp.

Researchers at New York University Presbyterian Columbia looked at nearly 900 older people and found exercise helps keep the mind healthy as you age.

"We found that people who exercise moderately or heavily had a reduced risk of memory loss and what we call executive function equivalent to about 10 years," said Dr. Mitchell Elkind, professor of neurology and epidemiology at New York Presbyterian and Columbia.

Researchers said that 90 percent of the people in the study did little or no exercise at all. However, they suggest that seniors try to move around as much as they can.

"Calisthenics several times a week playing handball or tennis -- something like that," Elkind said.

Exercise also helps lower the risk for heart disease stroke and diabetes -- benefits for the body and mind that keep seniors on the dance floor.

Additionally, doctors said that exercise should be a daily thing, not just done on the weeks.

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