NWACC Suspends Occupational And Life Skills Program

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) — NorthWest Arkansas Community College has suspended one of its programs, citing “significant financial and enrollment uncertainty.”

According to release from the school, the college’s administrators decided to indefinitely suspend the Occupational and Like Skills (OLS) program.

“Given that this is a low enrollment program requiring a minimum college investment of four years,…we have determined that we must be good stewards of our resources and not start the program at this time,” NWACC president dr. Evelyn Jorgenson stated in the release.

The college’s OLS program was intended to serve adults with cognitive disabilities and provide a pathway over four years to an associate degree, according to the release.

Instead, the college stated that it hoped to begin offering non-credit courses that are focused on critical thinking and other important subjects.  While students would not receive an associate degree, the training may allow people with cognitive disabilities to be employed at local companies and organizations, the release stated.

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  • Mike Haring

    Critical Thinking skills in general have trended down for 20 years, not just in those with cognitive disabilities. There are some many ex-nwacc grads who never got ‘that job’. After you walk at graduation you are someone else problem. The school has the ability and does make some effort. Yet, getting a job with the knowledge should be their #1 priority not just granting a degree.

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