Officials: Secret Drug Tunnel Ran From Restaurant In Mexico To California Home

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CALEXICO, Calif. – For the first time in a decade, federal agents uncovered a completed drug tunnel in Calexico, a border city about 100 miles east of San Diego.

The opening of a drug tunnel was found in a fairly new home in Calexico, according to federal drug enforcement officials Wednesday. The home is on land that was purchased for $240,000, had three bedrooms and was constructed last year for the sole purpose of hiding the tunnel, according to KSWB.

Contractors were instructed to leave room for a “floor safe,” agents said.

The 415-yard tunnel leads south to Mexicali, Mexico, where the other end opens up into a restaurant, federal officials said.

Federal agents said they haven’t seen many tunnels in the Calexico area due to the challenging terrain.

Four people were arrested and face charges, including drug trafficking and money laundering.

Agents executed three search warrants each for the Calexico home, another residence where traffickers would stash marijuana, and a warehouse. In all, agents found 3,000 pounds of marijuana during their searches.

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  • Mike Haring

    The war on drugs has killed hundreds of thousands, created multi-billion dollar cartels, spent over a trillion on enforcing it and hasn’t stopped the flow of Marijuana into the US over 40-50 years. Hard to put a number on what tax payers have spent funding the war on drugs, courts, and the for profit prison system.
    This product wasn’t headed for California it just originated there. It’s going to one of the 22 states that haven’t eliminated their draconian laws. In those states, It would have been un-taxed, un-regulated and created dangerous situations for communities, families and children.
    Ever heard of a Marijuana dealer asking for proof of age in Arkansas? In Colorado, the Marijuana Enforcement Division regulates growth, distribution, and retail sales. In Denver a dispensary can’t be opened past 7pm, owners/operators are vetted and licensed. Use of pesticides and growing conditions are monitored. A consumer is required to show valid identification just to get in the door, Child proof packaging is required to exit a dispensary. There are laws pertaining to usage, storage, and protection of children and neighbors.
    The Marijuana mentioned in this article in all likelihood wasn’t going to Colorado or the other legalized states. It was headed for states such as Arkansas whose laws guarantee a profitable market. Un-taxed Arkansas Marijuana funds the Mexican Cartels, wastes millions on enforcement, damages families, and children. And doesn’t put money into the tax base.

    Meanwhile in Colorado….

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