Opponents Use Meeting To Question Alderman’s Controversial Comments

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Dozens of residents from Fayetteville packed into a room at City Hall on Monday night (March 28), hoping to speak to Alderman John la Tour about his recent controversial comments about gender identity.

La Tour was accused of questioning a waitress’s gender at a local restaurant, while also offering to prove his gender by exposing himself.

He has continuously denied many of the claims, and has apologized for the way he handled the situation.

At a monthly meeting for ward four, La Tour was targeted by many who were offended by his actions.

The pro-LGBT rights group “For Fayetteville” is now circling a petition for a recall election.

“It isn’t just this situation,” said Laura Phillips, a member of For Fayetteville. “It is his patterns of ineptitude, his pattern of unpreparedness, his pattern of voting no just to vote no. And, he is not doing anything for ward four. He is an obstructionist.”

However, not everyone at the meeting felt the same.

“Political correctness has reached levels that are absurd,” said Paul Phaneuf, a supporter of La Tour. “I personally don’t think he did anything with the intentions of hurting anybody, or rousing anybody up.”

Phaneuf was one of the few who spoke in favor of La Tour at the meeting, in comparison to those who called for La Tour’s resignation.

La Tour had very little to say during his responses to criticism, but he repeated his regret for posting his feeling about the situation online, and apologized for the comments he made.

Following the meeting, La Tour told 5NEWS he never considered not attending the monthly meeting.

“It was important for my citizens to see that I don’t back down, and I won’t quit,” La Tour said.


  • arnold fudpucker

    Mr. Phaneuf is correct. this P.C. stuff is way out of control. As a nation we have managed to let the tail wag the dog so to speak. It is time to return to common sense and for these whining “special interest” groups to shut up and act grown up. Life is tough but it is even tougher when you are a whiner.

  • Never go full liberal

    See what happens when you give a crybaby a sucker, they just keep on crying every time they don’t get their way. It’s only gonna keep getting worse and worse until eventually it will become like Eureka Springs and no one will want to go there any longer.

  • Pete Davis (@pdavis68)

    I don’t get what problem the right, particularly the Christian right, has against being PC. PC is just another way of saying being nice to people. Why is it hard to be polite and nice? Why is that so offputting to the right?

    • arnold fudpucker

      Why do you assume it is the right or Christian Right that are the only ones against PC. Must show your biased belief and intolerance toward anyone who disagrees with you or who refuses to be trampled by a bunch of whiners. And being PC is NOT just another way of “just being nice” as evidenced by your response to an alternate thought. What happened to your being nice? Let’s face it Peter, PC is a farce.

      • Pete Davis (@pdavis68)

        One: It’s not an “assumption.” Go read about the concept of Political Correctness. Wikipedia has a good article on it. Education is good for you.
        Two: Yeah, I’m not going to buy the argument that being nice to people is a farce.

    • countryrd1

      The reason the political, christian right advocates against considering political correctness is because they would have to change their total doctrine of the order of society. They’re rigid and can’t function in a changing society. It’s a big threat. Their rudeness and inconsiderateness is just the latest trend in holding on to a backward vulgate. As you see with the vulgar posts here, they turn things to their once special interests as the world becomes larger. Language matters.

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