Former Bentonville Coach Suspended Again For Comments In Little Rock

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A former Bentonville High School coach is in trouble for comments he made at the school he teaches at now in Pulaski County.

This comes more than one year after he was fired for using foul language towards students in Bentonville.

In 2014, Hendrix was accused of calling a student a derogatory term, when he found out the student quit the football team in order to join the cheerleading squad.

Now, Hendrix is accused of showing “The Passion of the Christ” film in class at Little Rock Mills High School, and then going on a rant the next day after being reprimanded by his bosses.

The ACLU confirmed Hendrix is the center of the investigation.

The civil rights group also said a recording from his classroom has been released, as he explained why liberals were the reason students today will no longer have first amendment rights.

“Don`t say ‘Jesus’ in school. Oh, don`t say ‘Jesus’ in school,” Hendrix said in the tape. “But, we can push Islam on you, and gay rights, and all this other stuff. All of that is acceptable. But, do not say ‘Jesus’.”

In that same tape, Hendrix called the Black Panthers and those with Black Lives Matter “terrorists.”

Hendrix went on to say liberals will do anything they can to shut down and censor anything they feel is politically incorrect.

The ACLU said showing The Passion of the Christ video in class was a clear violation of separation of church and state.

Hendrix has been suspended from teaching for his comments.


  • arnold fudpucker

    There is nothing incorrect nor untruthful about what Hendix said or did. This is what happens when you let the P.C. crowd run over you like a skunk in the road. time to fight back and tell these P.C. creeps NO!

  • Mike Haring

    I don’t recall the b-ville story. I guess he called the guy a p***y? I can hear that conversation, crying “mommie the bad man called me P***y”. If being called that causes you to report and get a guy fired, he was right to begin with.
    And he’s right more or less, telling the truth in his little rock rant. He probably shouldn’t force his opinion on the captive students because it’s his personal opinion and not curriculum. But my word, let him speak and allow the students to determine how they feel themselves. It’s important for them to hear both sides. After that ,call him in and tell him to tone it down.

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