Arkansans Urged To Donate During ArkansasGives Event Thursday

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Arkansans are urged to donate to the charity of their choice on Thursday (April 7) as part of a single day of giving called ArkansasGives.

The one-day event put on by the Arkansas Community Foundation will be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the goal of raising $4 million for Arkansas nonprofits. Anyone can donate to the nearly 600 nonprofit organizations that are participating this year by going to

Donating  during the ArkansasGives event will help nonprofits earn bonus money from a pool of a $400,000.

If an organization gets two percent of the total donations on April 7, they will get two percent of the bonus pool, or $8,000. Additionally, they will get a chance to win other prizes based on the number of donors and amount they receive in donations.

Last year the ArkansasGives event helped to raise $2 million for about 350 Arkansas nonprofits.

5NEWS is proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 ArkansasGives event.




  • truthreporter4u

    I give to charity every two weeks in the form of income tax, once a year in the form of more income tax, once a year via personal property tax and real estate tax. My “donation” funds meals for the kids of deadbeats and illegals. It also funds food stamps, Obamacare, housing, and other government handouts to America’s sick, lame and lazy. So, no thanks to ArkansasGives. I already give enough.

    • Never go full liberal

      Haha I was ready this article and every word you wrote was going through my head, thanks for saving me the effort. Arkansas is taxed to death and even after death! I have a bad habit and although legal for 18 and up I am punished severely for having said bad habit in the state of Arkansas. I stopped at a store the other day and picked up one of my bad habits and the clerk asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar for some charity, I literally laughed at him and said they can take it out of the extra taxes they charge me for this. Income tax, personal property tax, grocery tax, tobacco tax, gas tax, death tax, and on and on. You never really own anything in this state, even if you pay for it in full, because if you don’t pay your taxes they will come and take it from you and this is just WRONG! Personal property tax and income tax should be abolished. Illegals coming here and working in the area for contractors usually get paid cash, do you think they are paying income taxes? All contractors have to do are doctor their books and they don’t have to pay what they should, some of them even want cash which has happened to me personally.

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