Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin Democratic Primary

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(CBS NEWS) — CBS News projects Bernie Sanders is the winner in Wisconsin.

9:25 p.m. Now that polls are closed in Wisconsin, here’s a deeper dive into tonight’s exit polling data:

As has been the pattern in previous Democratic primaries and caucuses, Sanders ran very strongly among younger voters while Clinton did better among those over 45. Sanders’ lead among those under 45 is substantially larger than Clinton’s margin among those over 45–he won among those under 30 by a 81- to-17 margin.

There was a significant gender gap as well: Clinton won 49 percent of women’s votes, but only 37 percent of men’s. Clinton also ran well ahead of Sanders among African American voters, but they were only about one out of 10 Democratic primary voters in Wisconsin. Sanders leads Clinton by almost 20 percent among white Democratic voters.

Clinton and Sanders ran about even among primary voters who said they think of themselves as Democrats, but Sanders had a big lead among independents voting in the Democratic primary.

More Democratic voters said that Clinton’s policies are realistic (75 percent) than Sanders (65 percent). There is clearly an enthusiasm and inspirational gap between Sanders and Clinton: 54 percent of Sanders voters say they are excited about what he would do in office; 30 percent of Clinton voters said they were excited about what she would do in office. Fifty-nine percent of primary voters said Sanders inspires them more about the future of the country; 38 percent said that Clinton does.

On the other hand, Clinton is seen as the stronger candidate against Trump in November, by a 53-to-44 percent margin. Almost one in four of those who said that Clinton would be the strongest candidate against Trump still voted for Sanders.

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