Central Mall Reinforces Firearm, Weapon Policy With Outdoor Signs

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – New signs were placed at the Central Mall in Fort Smith this week, stating that firearms and weapons are not allowed on the property.

Deborah Johnson has been the general manager at Central Mall for 17 years, and said it has been company policy for at least five years not to allow weapons on their private property.

“It’s an ownership decision, and we followed suit. And basically, that's really the crux of what I’m authorized to tell you,” she said in a phone interview Tuesday (April 5).

Robert McDaniel, an employee in the mall, started working there in 1992 and just became aware of the policy on Tuesday, adding there is a sticker on the door stating no weapons are permitted on the property.

"I thought that there was nothing on there, and I actually went and read the thing today and sure enough it's there,” McDaniel said.

The new signs say “No firearms or weapons allowed on this property,” with a firearm and knife pictured, but Johnson said the focus is on guns.

“That's just kind of a generic sign,” Johnson said. “What we're addressing is weapons or guns, on the property.”

“I think that if you're going to have a policy like that, it shouldn't be a broad brush stroke -- you should actually have details,” McDaniel said.

We asked for specifics on the policy, including what defines a weapon, but were told “no” when asked if we could be told what the policy states.

McDaniel said while he does not want the policy in place, he thinks people will continue to carry weapons on the property regardless.

“Most concealed carriers will take a chance on continuing to carry their gun,” he said.

He said while it has only happened a few times, he has seen people openly carrying inside the mall.

"I have seen people openly carry in the mall, recently, as little as two weeks ago,” McDaniel said.

However, Johnson said the penalty is the same as it has always been.

“Our penalty is if you're on the property with the weapon, we're going to ask you to leave,” she said.

Johnson said she is not sure if the policy is listed on the Central Mall’s website for the public to read.

We reached out to the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayetteville. The security office said no weapons are allowed at that mall either.


  • truthreporter4u

    Translation: ATTENTION CRIMINALS AND MENTAL CASES Please come to our mall and shoot up the place. No one will put up a fight.

  • Mike Johnson

    (sigh) OK – think about it. Will your little sign stop someone unbalanced enough to go “people hunting”? Or stop an armed robber? No. But it may restrict the kind of people that could help from being able to. Not to mention that serious 2nd amendment types, like myself, have a way of not doing business with places that display the “no guns allowed” signs.

  • Never go full liberal

    How dumb can people be to think a sign will stop somebody from carrying a weapon on their property? And the punishment will be “we’re going to ask you to leave” Well at least if I have my gun I would have the opportunity to walk out on my own if someone started shooting up the place. So I am guessing with this policy in place not even the security can carry a weapon on them, nor the police. Here is a pro tip for all you anti-gunners out there, thugs will always have guns and carry them wherever they please because a sign is just a sign and a law is just a piece of paper. The first person you are going to call when someone breaks into your home or tries to rob your store is a person with a gun, so your argument is invalid.

  • John Elijah

    Gun and freedom lovers lets massively demonstrate the mall in Fort Smith we need someone to get this togther lets teach this management at the mall we do not like anti constitionalists lets drive them out of our freedom loving land lets cause boycotts lets cause the profits to fall lets make an impact and cause them to wish there decision was nenvewr made LETS BIGHT BACK HARD WHOM DO YO FEAR

  • Toni (@b3486807)

    Since I can no longer legally carry a means for self defense and since mall security doesn’t carry firearms, I will no longer feel safe shopping at Central Mall. You have restricted my means of personal protection while failing to provide for the security of your shoppers. I will no longer bring my business to your location.

    • BP Motors Billy

      I agree with Toni, “You have restricted my means of personal protection while failing to provide for the security of your shoppers. I will no longer bring my business to your location.”
      Sincerely, Mindy Doster

      • Robin Covey

        I agree, its not right.. that a unstable person… or a thug.. can go in start shooting.. and US, as concealed permit carrier, can not protect myself or others… mmmm. HELL no, if some dumbass, goes in shooting, what are we going to do.. its mostly open space and hard to hide? I do not want to die, let alone others, I will protect myself and others, I would die to protect, but not die no trying to protect…. people need to stand up and fight for the right… protest your rights…. fight…fight..fight… we can let everyone hear what we have to say… and have a safe protest…right?

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