Man Faces Life In Prison For Stealing $31 Worth Of Candy Bars

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NEW ORLEANS -- A man faces life in prison for stealing candy.

Jacobia Grimes is accused of taking $31 worth of candy bars from a store in Louisiana.

Grimes has five prior theft convictions.

Under state law, that makes him eligible for a harsher sentence ranging from 20 years to life.

Orleans Parish prosecutors chose to charge Grimes under that statute.

“Isn’t this a little over the top,” said Judge Franz Zibilich at the arraignment. “Twenty years to life for a Snickers bar, or two or three or four.”

Grimes’ attorneys say all their clients thefts were for less than $500.

Stolen items include socks and pants from a Dollar General store.


    • arnold fudpucker

      No he needs to be slapped really hard with a very harsh punishment. He obviously laughs at the penalties, if any, he has had before so he keeps of doing the same illegal things. this coddling B.S. hasn’t worked for over 40 years now. Time to return to common sense. Or you could let this poor person come live with you. You know what that is a better option. Have this bum move in with you and let us all know how it turns out for you in about a month. D.A.

      • Cody Marquee

        Indeed. It would be different if this was his first offence, but it’s not. This guy hasn’t learned yet that theft has consequences. Hell, he should be glad this isn’t the middle east where you get your hands cut off for doing this stuff. Jails need revamping to actually rehabilitate those that can be instead of trying to force it on all of them as that’s unrealistic

  • arnold fudpucker

    “A serial shoplifter facing a felony charge for allegedly stuffing $31 worth of candy bars into his pockets — making him ripe for a possible 20 years-to-life prison sentence as a habitual offender — was ordered to be jailed Tuesday after he tested positive for opiates, cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana.”
    This is from a LA source from yesterday. Looks like the judge needs to have his head examined.

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