Popular Beaver Lake Campsites Cleared Following Flooding

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BEAVER LAKE (KFSM) – After one of the heaviest rainfall seasons on record in Arkansas, the shores of Beaver Lake were littered with storm debris.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the debris washed up on the campgrounds of Beaver Lake, after severe flooding carried the debris into the lake.

Alan Bland, spokesman for the Army Corps at Beaver Lake, said the most debris was found at the Horseshoe Bend campsites.

“Out of almost 700 sites, these are hands-down the most popular,” Bland said. “We get asked about these sites more than any other site on Beaver [Lake].”

In order to have the campsites prepared for camping season, the debris needed to be removed.

Walmart provided several volunteers to pick up the debris.

Volunteers, like Heath Konkler, said they were more than willing to spend their day picking up branches and logs.

“Doing stuff like this means a lot to me, because it makes the place look a little bit nicer,” Konkler said. “It allows people to come in and spend time at the park.”

Konkler said he often used the lakes in the past, but never noticed the damage the flooding caused.

“I didn’t realize how high the flood waters got,” Konkler said. “It brought in tons of debris that hasn’t been touched since 2008.”

Bland said it would have cost the Corps at least $5,000 to contract the work out. Or, if the Corps did it themselves, it would have taken them at least one month to clear.

“This way, it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime for them to come out and help us,” Bland said.

Bland said, with the help of the Walmart volunteers, the campsites should be ready to open in the near future.

“Hopefully, within two weeks, these will all be open,” Bland said. “People will be out enjoying what team Walmart has done for us.”

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