Garrett’s Blog: Late-Week Sunshine; Severe Next Week

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Wednesday’s cold front ushered in cooler air that will continue into late-week with lows in the 30s and highs below normal.

The next solid chance for rain will arrive early next week; this could also be our next chance of severe weather.

As usual, the April pattern will turn much more active in the next few weeks and a few of the stronger systems are already showing up on the forecast charts.

Here’s a look at what I’m watching…

Image 78

This cold blast is huge across the northeast with temperatures running nearly 20ยบ below normal. We only catch a glancing shot of the cold air with colder temperatures for us on Friday with highs in the 50s and low 60s.

The net effect of this cold blast is a stalling of the upper level winds which prevents any active spring thunderstorms for this week with the next severe weather chance on Monday.

Image 79

Great weather is expected on Friday with clear skies and calm winds.

Image 81

As humidity returns this weekend, the moisture will glide upwards in the atmosphere and there could be a few spotty areas of rain late Saturday night after mightnight.

Image 80

Monday will still be our best chance for rain. We’ll see scattered storms developing in the morning with more widespread storms in the afternoon as the area of low pressure tracks into Arkansas.

Image 82

Here’s the next chance for widespread severe weather across the Southern Plains; a large area of upper level winds will eject into the south around April 15-17th.

Given the time of year, I would expect widespread severe weather as this moves east.