Local Honey Helps Fight Allergies

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) --  Springtime can bring a much higher risk of allergies, but allergy sufferers aren't without hope.

Dr. Tammy Tucker Post said eating a teaspoon of natural honey every day could cure those pesky pollen allergies.

"But you have to start it early -- before allergy season" said Tucker Post. "You have to take it every day."

The honey must be raw, meaning it can't be pasteurized or microfiltered.

Another option to eating natural honey is to eat bee pollen, which can be found at a local health store or farmer's market.

"They say that you should try to get the honey that's closest to you, so that the pollen proteins are going to be most like the proteins in the air where you live," said Brad Keck, the president of NWA Beekeepers. "But once again it's difficult to find any local honey this time of year."

Tucker Post said diabetics or people who are overweight need to be cautious of eating a teaspoon of honey, as it might be too much sugar for their immune system.