Arkansas State Troopers Celebrate Boy’s Birthday After Classmates Don’t Show Up For Party

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HOT SPRINGS — Arkansas State Troopers turned around a 10-year-old boy’s birthday nightmare.

Toxey invited his entire class to celebrate his 10th birthday last weekend. However, not a single one of his 21 classmates showed up.

“Just heartbroken and helpless. It’s the last thing you want to feel for your kid, that no one cared enough to come,” said Toxey’s mother, Angela Andrews.

Two days later, Toxey got the birthday surprise of his life when he opened his front door and was greeted by a line of state troopers who were ready to celebrate his double-digit birthday.

“They showed me all the keys to do the sirens and the horn. I also got to see the cage with the dog in it,” Toxey told THV 11.

The troopers also came bearing gifts.  They brought a birthday cake, gifts and played a game of basketball. The gifts included video games and a razor scooter.

“I cried a little bit because they did that for me,” Toxey told THV 11.

Although the ASP troopers turned Toxey’s birthday around, Andrews still has a message for other parents.

“Just please, if your kids get invited to birthdays, take them,” she said.

For Toxey, this birthday has become one to remember — as well as inspiring him on a career path.

He told THV 11 that he hopes to be an Arkansas State Trooper when he grows up.

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  • objectivefodder

    I was that little boy forty-five years ago. Having grown up in Washington County attending a rural western county school district, I was not popular or from a prevalent socially trendy family either. Over the years, I’ve noticed families from other parts of the country commenting on how socially divided we are in our otherwise so-called friendly southern graces state of Arkansas. Truth is we’re not so friendly at all, especially if you’re not from a socially active family. We exist in an extremely socio-economically divided as well as religiously divided society. Between class lines with much prejudice, animosity and hatred amongst not only socio-economic class lines, but racial lines as well, I’m ashamed of Garland County, but be it known, I’m ashamed of most of our state as well. We’ve come a long way, but progress is still needed to mend our broken state. It’s time to stop the discrimination and hatred. Kudos to our troopers! And spirited high commendation to our State Police for coming to his party to celebrate and encourage this young man also. I hope this lad learns that despite our societal division, there are some good-hearted decent citizenry within reach showing good will and brotherly love.

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