Future School In Running For $10 Million Grant

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) --  Future School is one of 348 schools across the nation eligible for a $10 million grant.

The school's founder Trish Flanagan said she found out Friday (April 8) it was chosen as a semi-finalist. Around 700 schools initially applied, according to XQ officials.

The next step for the teams selected by XQ Institute’s “The Super School Project” is all about developing ideas into tangible school designs. Flanagan said the deadline is May 23.

“We have 45 days to put together an operations proposal and a budget for $10 million,” she said. “If any of our partners are in the community or if you haven't met with us yet, come meet with us. Come with an idea, with some idea with what this will cost, and we'll see if we can plug this in.”

If you're interested in submitting a proposal, you’re asked to email Trish@fsfuture.org.

Flanagan said five out of the 348 teams selected for the grant will be awarded $10 million each.