Fort Smith Police: Attempted Kidnapping Report Potentially Just Pushy Salesman

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A woman reported that a man tried to kidnap her daughter outside a Fort Smith gas station on Monday (April 11), but Fort Smith Police said the incident may have just been a pushy salesman.

Anna Roberts, of Fort Smith, told police her 10-year-old girl was sitting inside a vehicle while she ran into the Valero station on Kelley Highway, when a man approached the car and tried to get her daughter to open the door, according to an incident report.

"She said 'someone tried to take me,' " Roberts said of her daughter. "He tried to show her candy to get her to roll down the window."

The man pulled up in a black passenger car, the report states. The man looked between 20-30 years old and was wearing a red cap.

The man walked to Roberts' vehicle and pulled out a bottle of what looked to be Justin Bieber perfume and candy. Then he asked the girl to open the door, the report states.

"She said that he started trying to break open the door," Roberts said. "And then all of a sudden, he just took off."

The girl started pointing inside because she didn't know if the man knew her mother, according to the report. The man continued asking her to open the door, but she refused.

Finally, the girl said the man ran back to his car and then sped off. She said the car had Oklahoma tags, but was unable to get the full license number.

The car turned west onto Kelley Highway and then left.

Police also received reports of a similar subject who was trying to sell perfume in the Flash Market at North Greenwood, Central Mall and J Mart.

On the police report filed by Roberts, officers listed the offense as harassment and are not investigating the incident as an attempted child abduction.


  • Rita Ivy-Gipson

    A “pushy salesman” would not approach a child and repeatedly try to get her to open the car door to sell her perfume and candy. If it was someone trying to make a sale, he would wait until and adult was there to try to make the sale. And running away and speeding off before the adult returned? Now that doesn’t look suspicious at all, does it?

  • nwajack0

    Bs, good cover for child molesters; be “pushy” to everyone then it’s not unusual to sell to a 10 yr old (seriously?). Put this f#er on a list. Wonder who he’s related to that he gets so much leeway..

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