Kessler Mountain Master Trail Plan Heads To City Council

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) - The Kessler Mountain Master Trail Plan will head to the Fayetteville City Council after being approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at a meeting on Tuesday (April 12).

The plan that was set forth included the addition of six to seven miles of new trails on Mount Kessler and an improvement that would affect existing routes.

"The first priority stressed in the trails plan is that the existing trails be brought up to sustainable condition," said Ken Eastin, a planner for the parks and recreation department. "This includes several reroutes."

The proposal has struck the right tone with many people throughout the region. Zak Clark, an employee at Fayettechill, a clothing shop near one of the Kessler trail heads, said the additions would add to an already booming outdoor activity.

"Just a year ago you`d really only see maybe five or six people out on the trail," said Clark. "Whereas on any given Saturday nowadays, this entire parking lot is just filled."

While the city works on trail expansion plans, construction continues on phase one of Fayetteville Regional Park, at the base of Kessler Mountain.

"This just helps ensure that Fayetteville has opportunities and facilities that will help make this need for not only tourists coming into the area, but for residents as well," said Eastin.

Northwest Arkansas Land Trust has been on the forefront of making sure the area would stay pristine for generations to come.

"From education and tourism, there's really a lot of ways in which the conservation of someplace as special as Kessler can contribute to the community," said Terri Lane, executive director of Northwest Arkansas Land Trust.

The plan will be discussed at the May 3 city council meeting.

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