Rogers Adds New Shared Lane Pavement Markings

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ROGERS (KFSM) --  A new type of road marking made it's way to Rogers streets.

The sign is called a sharrow, and city officials said soon they will be putting in more.

A sharrow is a shared lane pavement marking, meaning that a bicyclist has the right to share the lane with a car.

Officials with the city of Rogers said they want to create more multi-use paths for bicyclists and pedestrians to get from place to place. While they've only paved Monte Ne Road in Rogers, they're looking to include more soon.

The project had multiple benefits, as crews also widen the sidewalk when they put in the sharrows. They'll only be putting sharrows on 4- and 5-lane roads.

This is part of a new street policy that was adopted by city council in 2015.

"If you want to go just a couple blocks away and you have a bicycle and you live on a major street, right now you don't feel comfortable doing that," said Nathan Becknell, the project engineer for the city of Rogers planning and transportation department. "In the future, when we implement these and over time as they get more and more popular, you will be able to just go a couple blocks on your bike."

Bentonville and Fayetteville already have several sharrows, and Rogers officials said they have been working well there. After the success in those cities, they decided to implement them in Rogers.

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