Garrett’s Blog: More Rain Coming

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The wet pattern will continue into Wednesday with a stalled front in the area and multiple rounds of rain possible.

The heaviest rain this week will be Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

None of the storms are expected to be severe with the best instability across south Texas. Rain totals locally will be an additional 1-3″.

Here’s a look at some of the timing and the temperatures…

Image 42

This large block of high pressure across the east coast is slowing the low that’s trying to move across the county.

Blocking patterns like this are notorious rain makers and have been responsible for the flooding taking place across south Texas.

Image 36

The stationary front will move little on Tuesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms developing in the vicinity of the front.

Image 37

Severe storms are not anticipated as the highest instability will be across south Texas.

Image 43

While the placement of the highest totals will vary, it’s safe to assume the heaviest will likely fall across SE Oklahoma and SW Arkansas with lesser amounts across NW Arkansas.

Image 38

TUESDAY 6AM: Overcast with cloudy skies

Image 39

TUESDAY NOON: Scattered showers will continue but the rain won’t be nonstop. The heaviest will be late Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Image 40

TUESDAY 6PM: Continued cloudy with scattered rain

Image 41

Wednesday 7AM: This area of rain should expend northwest with widespread rain likely across Eastern Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. This will be the heaviest round of rain.